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We would like to remind our guests that due to our long waits on the weekends, it is
first come first serve between the bar and the restaurant. We'd love to accomodate a
larger party, so give us a call before coming in, and we will help you as much as we can!






“Where do I start? you get salad or soup, free pasta and steak?!?! My girlfriend and I go there as much as possible.”


“This is by far the best place for steak. You definitely cannot judge the Broiler Pit by the outside. Their bite size is to die for. I've eaten steak for almost 3 decades now and I'm telling you that you'll never be satisfied anywhere else after eating here.”


“Take a bite of their bite size steak: Bojacks has the best steak in the valley and the atmosphere is one of the most romantic. Don't let the outside of the building fool you...a candle lit dinner with the best service is awaiting you inside.”